Family Dental Care at Library District Dental


When is the best time to care for a person’s teeth? That’s right, when the smile is still unblemished and the teeth are healthy and strong. Dental wellness is based on habits that are better to develop when a patient is still young.

Preventative care and proper dental hygiene in adult patients can save hundreds of dollars. When you treat your kids’ teeth with proper care from early childhood, it will save thousands, making this really a small investment into a brighter future. And this is before we said a word about the discomfort and pain that accompany many very preventable dental problems.

Early dental care promotes a lifetime of healthy smiles, positive self-esteem and efficient socializing for your growing child. At Library District Dental, we provide a positive dental experience and ensure that your child is equipped with the necessary knowledge for good oral hygiene maintenance in their future.

Professionalism and Care

If you are looking for a dental office in Downtown Toronto that cares for your child, using special, child-friendly dental tools and techniques, one that promotes good, healthy habits of dental care, you need Library District Dental. We will help your whole family achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful teeth and smiles.

We are a top of the line, professionally staffed facility that offers anything and everything that is needed in family dental care. We are prepared to treat a person of any age, from toddlers to the elderly, fitting the treatment to your individual needs. We also understand the problem with dental anxiety and that many people (especially but not only young people) have the fear of dentists. We can help with that, too.

Full Protection and Latest Methods

To make absolutely sure that your child grows up with a healthy, radiant smile, we provide a program of dental care based on multiple approaches. We offer sealants, fluoride treatment, tooth colored fillings and regular checkups. We will conduct complimentary orthodontic evaluations and monitor the growth of permanent teeth to avoid any problems associated with unhealthy tooth eruption. Problems of this nature detected at an early stage can save your child a lot of pain and the parents – quite a bit of money.

The Sooner the Better

There is no such thing as too early – we have patients as young as 6 Months of age. Once you have teeth, you need to have proper dental care. Healthy oral hygiene is a habit that starts early and can bring a lifetime of healthy smiles.

The lack of such a habit is very hard to rectify later in life and leads to bad breath, crooked teeth and cavities, or worse. While we are on the topic of very young patients, by the way, let us mention that we do not recommend children to drinking milk before bedtime after the eruption of baby teeth. This can cause some complications, so if you are in the habit of feeding your baby milk before bedtime and see dark spot on your baby’s teeth, make sure to bring them in for a thorough exam and we can prevent the early decay of baby teeth that may be caused by the milk’s acidity.

All Encompassing Family Dentistry 

Downtown Dental Toronto at Library District Dental provides preventive, restorative, cosmetic and orthodontic services. We will do everything we can to bring out your best potential for oral hygiene and a shining smile. Scheduling regular visits for examinations and cleaning will create a healthy habit for oral hygiene and help you avoid unnecessary complicated and expensive procedures in the future.

For a free exam or a consultation, call us now. Library District Dental is here for you.



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