Emergency Dental Care, Toronto


When you are caught by a dental emergency while enjoying the weekend, you need to have someone to turn to. Going for a few days with a missing tooth or severe pain is unthinkable and unnecessary. Our dental emergency service is here exactly for that.

If you require emergency dental care, then all you need to do is contact us now. The Library District Dental team of professionals can help you deal with your dental emergency painlessly and quickly. You can reach us at librarydistrictdental@gmail.com and get treated within the hour:

Fast Response Is Key

Dental emergencies should be treated quickly, before they escalate and get out of hand. The sooner you seek treatment, the better. In many cases a quick response may save a tooth that was knocked out.

We are here to provide prompt, professional attention and gentle care to relieve pain, identify the problem, assign as solution and begin treatment as soon as we can. The emergency dentistry team will solve your immediate problem, allowing you to schedule your next appointment for continued treatment with your regular dentist.

What is a Dental Emergency. 

Here is a list of occurrences and conditions that we divided into dental emergencies, non-emergency situations and possible emergencies. It still makes sense to call our service, to be on the safe side, but this list can definitely give you a guideline of what is and what isn’t a dental medical emergency.

      1. Dull, Continuous Pain – a Non-Emergency. Dull pain is not easy to endure and not comfortable, but neither is it a sign of anything that needs immediate attention. Do not ignore it, however, because it still means that there is a problem in there, which needs to be addressed.
      2. Broken Denture – a Non Emergency. While this is not an emergency, we do not advise to take it lightly. Never try repair it on your own and see a dentist at your earliest convenience.
      3. Cold Sensitivity – Non Emergency. While it may be an indication of a problem, it is not an urgent one.
      4. Heat Sensitivity – Possibly Urgent. Heat sensitivity may mean an infection. If it is accompanied by swelling, pus or fever, calling our Emergency Line is advised.
      5. Fractured Tooth – Possibly Urgent. This depends on the severity of the fracture and pain in the area. If not sure, call the emergency line just in case.
      6. Broken Braces Wires – Urgent. The broken wire is not in itself a problem, but poses a threat of causing damage to the gums. Push it away from the gums using the eraser-end of a pencil and take it to a dentist from there to ensure proper treatment.
      7. Swelling – Dental Emergency. This is even more acute if accompanied by sudden severe discomfort and pain. Possibly a sign of an infection and should be treated immediately.
      8. Knocked Out or Extruded Tooth – Dental Emergency. Control the bleeding with direct pressure and a cold compress, and call the emergency line. The tooth may actually be re-implanted if no other damage was done. The same goes for a tooth that was pushed partially out of its socket.



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